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Amid these uncertain times, we want to assure you that Landsource Organix Ltd. is open and will continue to provide estimates along with any information you may need regarding our services and any changes that may take place in the coming weeks. All methods of communication continue to be available - phone, email, website.

Landsource is continuing to closely monitor the latest reports from the CDC and WHO. We have taken a number of precautionary measures, for the health and safety of our employees, such as working remotely in order to continue to provide our services to you, our valued customers.


The Provincial government has set out guidelines for essential services and as our work falls into the construction and erosion control sectors, we will perform those services that fall within the governments mandates. We will ensure that any employee performing these services will be following the proper protocols of social distancing and frequent hand washing safety.


All consultation meetings will be held outside and will follow the guidelines for social distancing. Please do not ask to meet if you are unwell or have been in contact with someone who is unwell.


We encourage everyone to practice safe distancing when it is necessary to go out.



Advanced Material Placement for Over 19 Years.

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Ontario's largest blower truck fleet serving the Landscaping industry.

Landsource Organix

Our team at Landsource Organix combining over 90 years of landscape experience have proudly serviced contractors, Landscapers, home owners, and Municipalities throughout Ontario and beyond. We specialize in the areas of Mulch application, Soil Installation, Terraseeding, Turf renovation, Erosion Control, Blown-in Aggregates, and Rooftop Greenspace Installation.

Starting in 2000 as Ontario’s first blower truck company, we have strived to remain the leader in all Blower Truck Services. We guarantee that our quick and efficient applications are backed by premium results. Our process and equipment are cutting-edge, and we use only the best products.

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Terraseeding provides the best results of any commercially available seeding or vegetating process.

Commercial and Residential Terraseeding
Terraseeding Blower Truck

Blower truck technology is the ideal method of applying a wide variety of soil mixtures. We have a blown in soil product for almost every need.

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Blowing Soil with a Blower Truck

A blower truck is the ideal tool to install landscape mulch at residences, condominiums, commercial projects and naturalized planting areas.

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Large Truck Blowing Mulch

Amend and/or remediate soil, control erosion, contain sediment, and establish vegetation - all in one step.

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Erosion Control Methods

The blower truck provides the most cost effective and efficient means of conveying soil and mulch to rooftop areas.

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Installing Rooftop Gardens

Whether it is new construction or a top-up, the blower truck is the preferred option as it provides easy access and minimal site disturbance.

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Wood Chip Playground Surfacing

Landsource can run clear stone up to 25mm diameter wherever our hose can reach.

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Throwing Stones and Aggregates

Landsource has the equipment and know-how to access hard to reach areas including indoor access.

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Specialty Access Solutions

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