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Erosion Control

 Ecoblanket applied by our blower truck Blower truck technology offers a unique approach to erosion control. Success is unparalleled, and results often leave our customers amazed. Terraseeding at a 2” (50mm) depth, utilizing course composted soils and specially selected seed mixes, we are able to eliminate surface erosion, provide long term vegetation control and permanently stabilize slopes, all in one easy application.


In extreme slope environments or where base soil quality is poor we recommend EcoBlanket™. EcoBlanket is the most effective control measure for surface erosion currently available in the marketplace. It provides both immediate and long-term protection and surface stability. EcoBlanket is a pneumatically applied, 50mm layer of properly sized compost, with a Micro-blend organic tackifier and a seed mix. This special blend is injected evenly throughout the blanket layer.

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Filtrexx is a certified system of erosion control techniques that features a course compost filled sock to control surface runoff and prevent soil erosion. The sock comes in 8”, 12”, 18” and 24” to accommodate the specific erosion pressure of a construction site. Filtrexx Soxx can be used as a temporary or permanent device and even vegetated if necessary. Please refer to the Filtrexx Canada website for further information



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Lake Bluff Erosion Control Project

Lake Bluff Erosion Control Project

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