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Soil Blower TruckOrganic Soil - one of the things we are passionate about at Landsource is our success in promoting organic soil into the Ontario marketplace. Our organic soil options can be used for new plantings, or as an amendment to rejuvenate any tired and nutrient depleted soil beds around your property. If your plants are not thriving, or your vegetable garden isn't performing, then you need to consider going organic.


What's the difference with organic soil?
The difference is that our organic soil is alive! It is literally crawling with millions of microbes per ounce. These microbes feed off the sugars exuded by plant roots and in turn create organic nutrients (such as nitrogen) which become directly available to the plants on which they are feeding. Healthy plants start with healthy soil. So, when you see a garden growing in organic soil, you will also see large, thriving plants because of strong abundant roots.



Additional Benefits - Our organic soil blends go into your gardens both weed and disease free. All our ingredients have been composted, which eliminates weed seeds and disease pathogens. Our soil blends are derived using locally sourced composted ingredients minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting an ecological and sustainable method of landscaping.


Call our office to see how we can begin to improve your garden health.


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TopSoil/Organic Blend
TopSoil/Organic Blend
Live Mulch Low PH
Live Mulch Low PH

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