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About Us

Landsource Organix Company Profile

In 2000 Landsource Organix became the first blower truck company in Ontario after identifying a need to improve efficiencies in the Landscape industry. Very quickly Landscape and construction companies enjoyed the benefit of having organic soils and aggregates blown in instead of the slower wheel barrowing method.  With over 90 combined years of horticultural knowledge we have combined Blower Truck technology along with our spirit for innovation to bring new products, services and efficiencies to the Landscape industry.

The Blower Truck Solution

With the versatility of blower trucks we have demonstrated the proven benefits of Terraseeding, Ecoblanket, and Filtrexx erosion control products. That along with our Rooftop, playground, soil, mulch and aggregate installations have played a pivotal role in moving the construction industry forward.


Our advanced blower truck solutions are labour saving, cost effective, and in many cases quite unique.  We offer homeowners, business owners, as well as contractors a safe and incredibly fast way to move large amounts of material into hard to reach places with amazing precision.  Our industry knowledge also can assist engineers and consultants by providing various blower truck solutions.


Landsource delivers its services mostly throughout Ontario but will also travel to neighbouring provinces or states to bring our expertise to bare.  Because of our large fleet size no project is too big or small.



Mulch Truck Operation

What We Offer

Our Services

Terraseeding provides the best results of any commercially available seeding or vegetating process.


Blower truck technology is the ideal method of applying a wide variety of soil mixtures. We have a blown in soil product for almost every need.

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A blower truck is the ideal tool to install landscape mulch at residences, condominiums, commercial projects and naturalized planting areas.

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Amend and/or remediate soil, control erosion, contain sediment, and establish vegetation - all in one step.

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Erosion Control

The blower truck provides the most cost effective and efficient means of conveying soil and mulch to rooftop areas.

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Rooftop Installations

Whether it is new construction or a top-up, the blower truck is the preferred option as it provides easy access and minimal site disturbance.

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Playground Surfacing

Landsource can run clear stone up to 25mm diameter wherever our hose can reach.

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Landsource has the equipment and know-how to access hard to reach areas including indoor access.

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Specialty Access Solutions

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