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Organic Soil - one of the things we are passionate about at Landsource is our success in bringing organic soil into the Ontario marketplace. Our organic soil can be used for new plantings or as an ammendment to rejuvinate tired, nutrient depleted soil beds around your property. If your plants are not thriving or your vegetable garden isn't performing then you need to consider going organic.


What's the difference with organic soil? The difference is that our organic soil is alive! It is literally crawling with millions of microbes per ounce. These microbes feed off the sugars exuded by plant roots and in turn create organic nutrients such as nitrogen which become directly available to the plants on which they are feeding. So when you see a garden of organic soil, you will also see large, thriving plants that just look they are loving life. Check out for more information.

Additional Benefits - Our organic soil goes into your garden weed and disease free. All our ingredients have been composted which eliminates weed seeds and disease pathogens. Through the "miracle of composting" the microrganisms in our organic soil are primarily the beneficial ones that help feed your plants and also provide disease resistance in your plant's root zone.

Organic soil - Easy on the earth - An excellent product blown in or delivered to your driveway.

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