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Difficult access for aggregate placement?

... Not a problem -

The blower truck overcomes many access issues making difficult jobs easy.  We can install the following aggregates for virtually any application subject to a maximum hose run off 200 feet.

    •       Round Rock (1 inch minus)
    •       Crushed Rock (Clear 1 inch minus)
    •       Crushed Brick
    •       Sand
    •       Pea Gravel
    •       Haydite
    •       Aggregate Soil   

 Perfect for labor intensive, hard-to-access jobs, such as:

    •       Pneumatic backfill in conjunction with hydro-excavation projects   
    •       Drainage Ditches
    •       Green Roofs
    •       Behind Retaining Walls
    •       Backfilling Basements and Under Homes
    •       Indoor Gardens & Atria
    •       Lakeside Beach Replacement

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