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Blower truck technology offers a unique approach to erosion control.  Success is unparalleled and results often leave our customers amazed.  Utilizing coarse composted soils, organic tacifiers and specialized seed mixes, we are able to eliminate surface erosion, provide long term vegetation and permanently stabilize slopes all in one easy application.

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Keep soil in its place with an EcoBlanket™. Proven as one of the most effective methods available to stop erosion in its tracks, an EcoBlanket™ is guaranteed to eliminate surface erosion. Our 50 mm "blown on" layer of compost with Microblend organic tacifier and seed provides both immediate surface stability and long term vegetation establishment.

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An EcoBerm® can be used virtually anywhere silt fence is used. Think of it as a siltfence replacement but with extra benefits. EcoBerm is 100 percent organic and can usually be left on site long term. EcoBerm provides superior filtration capacity requiring little or no maintenance. EcoBerm is often combined with EcoBlanket to provide 100 percent surface erosion control on steep slope areas.

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Filtrexx products in conjunction with blower truck technology provide our customers with an additional range of erosion control options.  At the heart of Filtrexx is the sediment filtration “soxx".  Filtration soxx filled with blown in “filter media” are configured to provide the best sediment control products currently available. When properly installed, Filtrexx products provide durable, engineered solutions for even the toughest erosion problems including concentrated flows.

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