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Blower truck technology offers a unique approach to erosion control.  Success is unparalleled and results often leave our customers amazed.  Utilizing coarse composted soils, organic tacifiers and specialized seed mixes, we are able to eliminate surface erosion, provide long term vegetation control and permanently stabilize slopes all in one easy application.

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Keep soil in its place with an EcoBlanket™. EcoBlanket is the most effective contol measure for surface erosion currently available in the marketplace. It provides both immediate and longterm protection and surface stabilty.  EcoBlanket is a pneumatically applied 50mm layer of properly sized compost with Microblend organic tacifier and a seed mix injected evenly throughout the blanket layer.

Superior Performance - The coarse composted soil in Ecoblanket has an interlocking, matrix structure.  Rainfall energy is easily disapated and water is forced to migrate slowly through the blanket. With 100 % positive soil contact there is no opportunity for water to move under the blanket and dislodge soil particles. EcoBlanket Summary - disperses rainfall energy and slows water movement.

Competitive products provide only one of the EcoBlanket benefits but not both. Synthetic blankets protect from rainfall but fail to provide positive soil contact and therefore easily erode as water moves under the blanket. Surface guard, spray down products temporarily lock down soil particles adhering them to the surface but do nothing to disperse rainfall energy. They do not stand up to hard rainfall and can easily give way to rill erosion. Secondly, they form a hard surface crust which inhibits target seed germination and long term vegetation establishment. They are a temporary measure at best.

Ecoblanket is a 100 % guaranteed measure for the control of surface erosion. Ecoblanket utilizes 100 % natural ingredients. EcoBlanket provides superior immediate erosion control. EcoBlanket provides superior long term erosion control and permanent vegetation. EcoBlanket is the most effective, intelligent choice for erosion control on any area with a slope greater than 2:1.


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EcoBerm is a sediment fence replacement. The pneumatically formed berm is approximately 60 cm wide by 30 cm tall providing for maximum sediment filtration capacity. The berm is injected with Microblend organic tacifier and can also be vegetated with any specified seed mix. The berm is fully functional but also blends into the natural environment. Disposal or removal is typically not required.

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Filtrexx provides state of the art tools for sediment control and pollutant removal in site development situations.  At the heart of Filtrexx is the sediment filtration “soxx". Filtration soxx filled with blown in “filter media” provide a range of engineered solutions that can be designed into many projects. As a certified Filtrexx installer we stay current in the latest design and installation techniques to keep our customers on the cutting edge of erosion and sediment control.

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