About Landsource


Landsource Organix began in 2000 as the first blower truck company in Ontario. From day one we have combined our blower truck technology and a spirit of innovation to bring new products, services and efficiencies to the Ontario landscape and construction marketplace. With the introduction of our Terraseeding and Ecoblanket products, our Filtrexx products and our rooftop application capabilities  we have played a pivotal role in moving the construction industry forward.

Our advanced blower truck solutions are labour saving, cost efficient and in many cases unique.  Gone are the days of endless, back breaking labour. We offer homeowners and contractors a safe and incredibly fast way to move large amounts of material into hard to reach places with amazing precision.

Our customer base is as diverse as the wide range of products and services we offer. Our customers are located across Ontario and range from single homeowners and contractors to large municipalities, multinational corporations, environmental agencies and the list goes on. We have built our business by offering our customers innovative solutions to whatever problem, big or small, confronts them. As we move forward we will continue to put new and creative capabilities in the hands of our customers.